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When I first saw the world about two years ago, I set off for Norfolk to visit the Norfolk Museum and Art Gallery in Hampton Roads, Virginia. After discovering some brilliant attractions and sights for families, we rounded off some of the best museums and art galleries in Norfolk.

This leading art space houses some of my favorite artists, including artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Bob Marley, Andy Warhol and many others. Most of them show works by living and working artists from the collection of the Norfolk Museum and Art Gallery. The museum's exhibition of works by guest artists and their works shows beautiful oil and watercolor works.

The city's burgeoning art scene offers established and newly-engaged artists the opportunity to create art for local businesses to showcase the cities of Norfolk. The vibrant arts scene in West Norfolk is a great example of the region having a vibrant arts scene. You can turn your love of a city whose local artists are recognisable by the numerous links to Norfolk painted on each piece.

On the western front is a large reclining figure from 1984, which you can see at the Norfolk Museum of Art in Norfolk, just a short walk from the museum.

We would like to thank all members of the Hampton Arts League whose artwork is featured here, as each of these artworks is exhibited by a member of the Hampton Arts League and the World of Norfolk Exhibit Photo Gallery on the Norfolk Mall is a must. Visit the Art Works Gallery and Frame Shoppe, located on the east side of Norwich Mall, just a short walk from the Norfolk Museum of Art. This gallery is located on Norwich Lanes, next to Virginia State Library and just across the street from Norfolk State University.

The money raised by the event will help fund the Hampton Arts League's annual summer camp for children in Norfolk. Visit the Norfolk Art Scene to learn more about this year's Hampton Road Virginia Art Festival and other events.

Whether you are looking at old masters or modern masterpieces, or even want to purchase a beautiful painting or sculpture, you will find a lot to seduce you. So don't miss the upcoming Stockley Gardens Arts Festival coming live to your computer or mobile phone screen. In fact, readers of Virginia Living Magazine have voted the Stockly Gardens Arts Festival one of the most important arts events in the state of Virginia for the past five years in a row.

The Red Rag Art Gallery is designed to show you what you can see in this premier art gallery in Norfolk, which features some of the best artworks in the state of Virginia as seen through the eyes of one of Norfolk's most talented artists.

Red Rag Art Gallery is being run by the Virginia Capital of Culture Gallery in Norfolk, run by artists Rachael Dalzell and James Sparshatt. The gallery, which will close in 2020, will host exhibitions and events in the Hampton Roads area, including Virginia Beach and Norfolk. These include the annual Virginia State Fair, the Norfolk Art Festival and other events across the state.

McClure is not only a Norfolk photographer exploring the gallery's art studio, but also a photographer with his own gallery to explore with. The Guava Gallery is located on the Isle of Norfolk in the Cyclorama and shows the works of guest artists, including Aatuti Art. His work has been widely collected and used in exhibitions, and he has exhibited his work at the Virginia State Fair, Norfolk Art Festival, and other events in the Hampton Roads area, as well as in New York City and Washington. D.C. His work can also be seen in galleries and galleries in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond and Richmond, as well as other locations in Norfolk and Virginia. , a collection of his much-collected artworks from his home state of Virginia, which is located in the Cyclorama.

Norfolk Arts manages the Offsite Gallery, located on the 2nd floor of the MacArthur Center, and the Norfolk Arts Suite, and manages a number of other galleries and galleries in the city of Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk arts is committed to making Norfolk a nationally recognised arts and cultural destination that offers exceptional moments for exceptional people. It manages more than 1,000 galleries, museums and other arts and cultural institutions in Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

The Virginia Glass Guild's Juried exhibition will be shown at the Norfolk Arts Suite from October 1 to November 30, 2016. Artists taught by the Artists Teaching Juries will also be presented in Norfolk to show their exhibitions. We specialize in 20th century images and tribal art and look forward to presenting art that is eclectic, beautiful and touching the soul.

This category features art created by members of the Norfolk and Norwich Art Circle. In late summer, we host the Virginia Glass Guild Juried Competition, a $7,000 cash prize that showcases the best glassworks from Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia Beach and Norfolk. You will find a wide variety of glassware from all over the country and the world. Art lovers and collectors across the UK have been inspired by the works of artists such as David Hockney, Robert Rauschenberg, David Guggenheim and many others.

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More About Hampton Roads