Hampton Roads Virginia Intercontinental Hotel

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Please contact us for more information about our hotel offer for the Hampton Roads Intercontinental Hotel in Hampton Road, Virginia for $1,500,000.

The motel for sale is on sale at the Hampton Roads Intercontinental Hotel in Hampton Road, Virginia, for $1.5 million. See the sale for more information about the hotel and its possible sale to the owner of the property. The motels for sale are also located in our Hampton Rd. Hotel in Norfolk, VA for $2,400.00.

The Hampton Roads Intercontinental Hotel in Hampton Road, Virginia, for sale for $2,400.00 for a one bedroom, one bath hotel in Norfolk, VA.

Sahara Group, the majority owner of the property, is looking for a buyer for the Hampton Roads Intercontinental Hotel in Hampton Road, Virginia. The Pacific Edge Hotel, which sold in June for $57 million and 526,000 rooms, was the second most expensive hotel in the United States last year.

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More About Hampton Roads

More About Hampton Roads